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Wedding Singer

Baby Jane the wedding singer in Glass Garden.

This is the second time I heard Jane sings in a wedding. The first time was in Sir Marlo's wedding. I hope I have her talent, I really like to have her voice.

I love her every performance, I hope I can try to sing in a wedding too ha ha..

Smiley Button

Smiley Button

My Grandma got this big jar full of buttons! Due to boredom I decided to sort them by color, I was really bored.. Took few pictures then throw them to the jar again, again boredom..

Glass Garden Wedding

Glass Garden Wedding of Marius and Joyce. Congrats and stay in love!

I know the couple since Joyce started to work in my first job. I am happy cause they stayed strong and stayed in love no matter what. And now they are tying the knot. I wish you all the happiness and love. Thank you for sharing your special day with me..

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