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Pinay Travel at Pawikan Conservatory

Girl Travel in Pawikan Conservatory

Pinay Travel at Pawikan Conservatory

Upon planning to go to Morong, Bataan, I thought our Pawikan Trip would not push through. So I was very excited when I learned that we would be going to Pawikan Conservatory and snorkeling site in Morong using boat. 

After half an hour of boat ride, warm morning, clear blue water and amazing view, we arrived at Pawikan Conservatory. Adults need to give donation and kids can visit for free. We were able to see two big pawikan and three small tortoises, all a week old. We did not catch them letting go of small pawikan and getting the eggs from one of the tortoise's nest that laid it eggs that morning. 

I will be going back in here and hopefully can see a little tortoise hatch from egg or see a pawikan lay some eggs.

Girl Travel at Morong Beach

Girl Travel at Morong Beach

Jen was dying to get a nice shot of the sunset, while me and others were enjoying the beach. I tried to lure her to get in the water but she's decided to tweak the camera and get the best ever sunset picture. I told her try to include us into the image but alas the light is fading so I told her to get our silhouette.

Never knew that somewhere near Manila can gave us such aan amazing view of sunset, only in Morong Beach here in Bataan.

Little Tokyo Celebration

Girl Travel Holding Birthday Cake

I decided to upload these pictures from a long time birthday celebration of special someone. As usual, another food trip for me and my friends at Little Tokyo. Aside from cake, we had Okonimiyaki, a well known Japanese cuisine which we were dying to try for a long time. Happy tummy for us.

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