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Star Trooper Comics

On one of my Grandma's old cabinet again, a Star Trooper 1987 Comics. I think this belongs to one of my Uncle.

You can notice that the paper has an old touch feeling, and the pages are yellowish. I didn't get to take pictures of each pages, tsk tsk..

Kids and Dads

Family and friend's kids!

Daddy's girl? Papa's boy?

I had been to a lot of gathering and occasion where I got to catch a dad with kid moment. And I think that its cute and timeless. So I decided to dedicate this post to them..

New Bombay Food Trip

Another food trip, This time is Indian Cuisine! After a very busy week, JayR wants us to try the New Bombay located just a few walk from office.

A very cozy and Indian style resto, New Bombay food trip is a good week ender for us. We ordered Papadum is a thin crust bread with dips in green and red spices, Mutton is a red sausage like food, Dal Soup their best seller and a very spicy soup.

Laiya with Lola

Laiya Summer Outing with Lola

Another Laiya Getaway with friends, this time in Kabayan Resort. We rented out a small hut complete with one big room with two beds, kitchen wares, living and dining room in one, swimming pool and nice view of beach.

Its always fun when I have my vacation with my two best friends. Hope we can do this every year.

Team Leadya

Team Leadya cause there is no blue or pink..

After the excruciating wall climbing a photo taking is a must. We, after all, done it. Enjoying Bakasyunan Resort at Tanay, Rizal.

Isegai Parade

Half a month had passed since I saw the Parade in Isegai Festival.

It is a story of different people living in a quiet apartment. Just like us, they have ordinary lives. They have different characters and no one is the same. A simple, shy guy who found the courage to go with his feelings. A jobless, nice, eyebrow scrutinizer who loves her bf. A serious, busy girl who gets emotional and forgot everything when drunk. A busy, health conscious guy who everybody depends on. And a new guy.

Then skeletons from their closet started to haunt and pour in. What will a group of people do then? They are not best of friends but they found companion and loyalty at each other. 

It's scandalous. But tasteful in the story. It's sad. But I'm happy how it went. It's unacceptable. But I don't want any other way for it to end.

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