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Champ Turns One

Champ turns one at Fun Ranch!

Kids get to enjoy the food, games and magic show.

As well as adults!

Not just for kids, your Ninong and Ninang enjoyed the party too!

Superman theme for Champ.

Thank you Champogi, happy birthday!

Must Try ATV Ride and Sand Surfing in Ilocos

At first, I am not excited for the Paoay activity such as riding ATV, sand dunes coastal desert and sand surfing.

But boy, I was wrong! After just the ride along the dunes with this neon green extreme 4x4, this is officially my favorite part of our Ilocos trip!

We opted the afternoon or sunset trip to Paoay adventures. It started as roaming and enjoying the dunes and beach and unbelievable tracks that will make your adrenaline run!

Looks easy but its not! But unique experience. Beware, it is not easy to climb.

Just ride and think you are a winner!

If you fail, just enjoy..

Stand up again and never give up!

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