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Batangas Beach Silhouette

We went to Batangas last Holy Week and visited Puting Bato Beach. Jane Herwel, Zai and Christian approved to be my model. Anyways, more of silhouette!

This is the first I went to beach in Batangas, considering my Mom used to live there and me having my summer vacation in there almost every summer, it's really a pity for me.. It is a private resort of my Uncle's friend, we stayed there for the whole afternoon and evening. What I really like about this place is the sunset. With bluish and orange hue sky, the clouds passing by, the sun setting, with mountains and ships passing by, Batangas is really beautiful..

Lunch at Calumbuyan Island

We woke up early on the third day of our Coron trip because it would take hours to get into Calumbuyan Island. During the boat ride, we spent a lot of time looking along the view, we also had time to slept. SO when we finally got in the island we were so excited, the place is so beautiful and we did a lot of things, tour the island, swim, snorkel, took shots. So its no wonder that we were so hungry!

Lunch at Calumbuyan Island was a feast. Our tour guide was so thoughtful.. We were so delighted with what they serve to us! We also taught our friend on how to use hand on eating or food trip, we were in an island afterall.

Kayangan Lake Snorkeling

Snorkeling in Kayangan Lake with Sabrina, Harold, Otso, Melvin, Akso and me!

Kayangan Lake is very famous place in Palawan, known as the Cleanest Lake in Asia, the place invited a lot of tourist. After the trekking to the lake,  we were surprised at the beauty showed to us. With wooden platform around the lake, you can walk around and leave your things, then you can walk on the stones just below the platform and you can see small fishes and snails, the water is very clear that you can see the bottom which is said to be twenty feet deep,there are also nice stone formation under water, the area is surrounded by limestone cliff.

Cute Toy From Someone

Many years ago, a very very dear friend of mine gave me this cute thing. I can't remember the occasion, birthday or Christmas or graduation..

Since then, this is one of my treasured thing.

Fishin at Dads Coronzy

Me, Sabrina, Alex, Harold and Melvin were looking for somewhere to eat here in Coron. We found Dads Coronzy. What I love in here is that pink fish! It is so cute! The foods and shake are very good, we love the kare kare, calamares, chicken curry and shake. Even though its quite expensive, your money is worth it.

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