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Bolinao Kayaking

We decided to go to Pangasinan, we heard a lot about Bolinao, the beach and the lighthouse. So we packed our bags, go to a road trip and landed in Bolinao. We stayed in Punta Riviera a nice beach resort with infinity pool. On the beach front is a river connecting to it, is it where we are allowed to go kayaking. 

Me with Domino and Joweyn with Rose went first. We went into the river and it was fun! But as we go inside the river more, the place become creepy, like what you see in Amazon River but narrower, with trees and bakawan on the sides. When we saw a wood bridge blocking our way, we decided to go back.

Then Jay Vee with Chester and Chelly with Memjoy went next. When they came back, Jayvee and Chester were full of cuts. Their kayak went through a plant with thorns! But I think they enjoyed being hurt, they were laughing while telling us about it.

Kayaking tandem in Bolinao:

Muffie Shannen
Domino Plegaria

Rose Reyes
Joweyn Urzabia

Chelly Sinohin
Memjoy Ong

Jayvee Sesperes
Chester Gerolaga

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