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Harry Potter Books

Harry Potter Addiction

My Harry Potter books collection by J.K. Rowling! I want to to add more Harry Potter item, a wand maybe next time or the Marauder's Map. I was starting out my college years when I first heard about Harry Potter and its movie. Me and my friends were excited every time a new movie rolled out of Harry Potter series. A friend of mine once joked that she would marry the guy who would give her the Harry Potter books!

A decade after, working and have my own money, I was able to buy the Harry Potter books I had always wanted. Definitely one of the best thing I bought with my working money he he..

Next is the Tales of Beedle the Bard..

Einstein at Music Platinum

Einstein of Makati Science Batch 2001 has their party at Music Platinum in Makati. After almost a decade, we've got to see each other. I really miss them and really looking forward to meet them again, I love you Einstein.

Pinay Travel at Bonifacio High Street

Pinay Travel Girls at Bonifacio High Street. I think this is a celebration of friendship, my two best friend. After few months since I left, we had a chance to meet outside.

Brownman Revival in 70's Bistro

Brownman Revival is in the house of 70's Bistro. 70's Bistro is located in 46 Anonas St., Project 2, Quezon City, Philippines. Their contact numbers for cellphone +639216402491 and land line +6324343597.

18BC at Baguio City

18BC at Baguio City with Powerpuff Corn and The Yin Yang Theory band. This night is the night that Kits has been waiting, to finally see the Powerpuff Corn. After having dinner, we went straight to 18BC since Kits is so excited! Then the wait is finally over, Powerpuff is about to sing.

I'm excited as well, the excitement is so contagious. They sung their winning piece and other reggae music and they are good entertainer. Then after them, the Yin Yang Theory came next. We bought Powerpuff Corn CD and have them signed it! There is the proof!

Powerpuff Corn

Kits is such a fun of Powerpuff Corn so when we had our vacation in Baguio, I am the only one in the group that don't know who are the Powerpuff Corn. We watched them in 18BC and had a few drinks first.. They are a reggae band but like a comedy group, I had so much fun! We bought their CD and had them signed it, love it!

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