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Christmas in BGC

Boni High Street is beaming with lights when the sun sets down.

Me and the girls decided to have our last hurrah of the year.

Our first stop for our Christmas night is in Ooma!

This place is my first recommendation, I want them to try the good food Ooma has to offer, hanger steak, maki and udon.

Then me and my lovely girls went to Mary Grace for coffee and desserts.

Exchanging gifts and having sweets.

Catching up and more talks.

WIshing happy holidays and saying our yearly New Year's resolution.

Which is by the way our yearly tradition and a good way to imprve ourselves.

Mango Bene and Tiramisu for dessert in Mary Grace!

And we will not dare to forget coffee and spicy chocolate!

Venice Piazza Grand Canal with Friends

Since its opening in the latter months of 2015, people have been curious of what The Grand Canal Mall at McKinley Hill has to offer its visitors.

I had been here before several times, but mostly during daytime.

Now I get to experience a romantic canal cruise a la Venice in the metro!

Girl friends and me decided to visit few food places in here.

We first went to a Japanese restaurant offering ramen.

Roam a little bit more and catch up.

And went to this Korean dessert place and ordered a bingsu!

Christmas Lightshow in BGC

It is Christmas time again!

Me and family decided to enjoy one of those night.

And we heard there is a really good Christmas Light Show in Boni High Street.

Since it is just a walking distance, we decided t go!

Lots of lights, laser, sound and even smoke show can be seen.

What I love is the big lights that resemble a gift box that changes color.

It made me feel that Christmas is really around the corner!

Weekend in BGC

Weekend in BGC can be full of activities rather than just staying in your place.

Looking out the window, we noticed that sports and luxury cars just keep on coming and coming!

That we decided to go down but had to stopped cause there are a bunch of dogs in the circle!

After an hour or two of watching and petting dogs, we decided to check the cars.

Girl Travel and Fiance Luxury and Sports Cars

It seems that there is a car show here every weekend!

The Mind Museum Date

You might think educational is not romantic.. But that is my choice of date!

Aside from the cool things we can see together, we also have lots f interaction like playing, talking and other activities.

And it is just around the corner of Bonifacio Global City.

Manila Ocean Park Visit

This is my third time to Manila Ocean Park and I still enjoyed every seconds of my visit.

Girl Travel and Fiance with Penguins in Manila Oceans Park

We also checked their new attractions like Trails to Antarctica and Reptiles Archives.

I was able to feed the Penguin and got a picture with them!

Got more pictures of these animals!

Me and Mike with giant penguins during snowy christmas!

American Cemetery - Taguig Itinerary

You might think that travelling to city is all malls and buildings.. But lies in the center of BGC, Taguig is the American Cemetery full of lush greens and trees.

The Manila American Cemetery and Memorial occupies 152 acres on a prominent plateau in the city. It contains the largest number of graves of our military dead of World War II, a total of 17,184, most of whom lost their lives.

It is located between the busy roads and buildings of Bonifacio Global City and McKinley.

Making a huge difference of history and nature from modern architecture and technology outside.

Find time to visit this place in the center of the city.

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