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Calle Crisologo at Night

The very well known Calle Crisologo or also known as Mena Crisologo street in Vigan looks majestically peaceful at night. Sitting pretty outside a close antique shop in Vigan.

Yes, a good night walk with friends and family in this historical street because of the old Spanish houses of Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

Girl Travel in Calle Crisologo, Vigan

Girl Travel Factor trying to get as much in this street from Spanish era of Ilocos before it close down for the night.

The most beautiful street in the Philippines can be found in Vigan - Calle Crisologo. Calle Crisologo in Vigan is a World Heritage Site preserving the architecture of the Spanish colonial era.

It was restored to its pre-war beauty with its cobbled streets and old Spanish houses. It is the only town during World War II that was saved from destruction because of a love story. Legend has it that a Japanese General, who married a Filipina in Vigan, promised the parish priest that he would save the town from destruction from the retreating Japanese if he would agree to take care of his family.

Before world war II, Japanese reaches the Philippines and some settled in Vigan. One of them is Japanese General Maj. Sakae Narioka who fell in love with a local woman named Belen Castillo. The Japanese General won the heart of Belen and they got married and had a child named Emiko Narioka. Couple of years then after signing the treaty of Paris which transfers the fate of the Philippines from Spanish to Americans the battle set in the Northern Part of the Philippines.

While the battle is fast approaching north and further, the Japanese General had sensed news that the Americans are soon to arrive in Vigan. To spare his wife and child, he commanded the Japanese settlers and soldiers to depart going to north. He left his wife and son in one of the church in Vigan under the care of a Dominican priest. All signs of Japanese inhabitant were burnt in Vigan right after the General and his atroops left the place. American flags were hung on each and every window of the houses signing the Americans that this place has fully turned to their side. By this, Vigan was spared from bombing.

American troops kept going north and soon attacked Laoag City. Nothing was told about what happen to the brave general now an image of loving father and husband and his troops who they believe headed to Laoag too. 

Surprises Await in Bahay na Bato

This place is nothing like you ever been to, Bahay na Bato in La Union.

Everything is surprising, so let us start walking!

You will be greeted by pathwalk made of stones, arts made of pebbles and instead of grass, all is covered with more stones.

When you are taking someone's picture and they are doing the same!

Isn't this neat?! The one who did this got talent!

More stones.. Make sure to have a silent few minutes in this beach and listen to the treble of waves and stones..

Urbiztondo The Great Escape

Yes! This is the sign that you are in the surf haven of the Philippines, Urbiztondo, La Union!

Not just surfboarding, people try wakeboarding in here too.

Or play with your dogs!

And of course, surf!

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