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Electronic Candle Gift

I had a very wonderful Christmas Party with Makati Science Girlfriends Rein, Jobel, Reabeth, Trician with Jerry and Albert! Thanks to our hosts Rein and Jerry and thanks to electric candle!

Tarantula Playtime

Playtime with tarantula. Cousin and nephews holding one of my brother's tarantula.

Josephine Restaurant in Tagaytay

Josephine Restaurant in Tagaytay overlooking the Taal Volcano and Taal Lake. One of my Tagaytay escapade with my friends from high school and their husband and boyfriend.

While we pose in the garden of Josephine Restaurant after my friend talked to the staff regarding reservation of the resto.

The Cat Behind the Laptop

The cat behind the laptop. Doubledore is sleeping again while I'm reading online. Oh by the way, Doubledore killed my mouse!

Reading Harry Potter

Almost all of my girl friends have at least one Harry Potter books. Ro-se completed the set first. Aileen is catching up the completion of Harry Potter. I know Chelly have them too. I can still remember when we used to talk and said that we are going to marry the guy who will give us those books ha ha..

Can't stop reading Harry Potter books over and over and over again!

Girl Travel at Sportsfest

Had an invitation to watch Sportsfest. There was a scheduled game for billiards, badminton, volleyball and basketball. Watch the full game of Blue versus Green volleyball. Congrats to Green Team!

Animal Lover

Me with Tyler, Aunt Digna's friendly dog
Me with Jophen's puppy

Welcome to Pottermore

You are magical!

Aww, I got into Pottermore! I am so excited to explore more of it and so glad that Harry Potter will not end.

Gumiho Soda

I am such an addict in watching My Girlfriend is a Gumiho! If you are too, you probably saw this, the Gumiho Soda or the Chilsung Cider by Lotte.

Gumiho Soda is like Sprite, colorless and with the same taste.  But it's more fun to drink because of Shin in Ah he he..

Happy Birthday Jai

We went to my cousin's birthday, Jai Jai. Happy birthday Jai!

Had an Icings Guiltless Strawberry cake, yum! And pizza, spagetti and chicken.

Nuvali with Girlfriends

Stop over at Nuvali on our way to Tagaytay with Jobel, Reinalyn and their boyfriend and husband. It was still early and a breakfast was a good idea. But what made us full was the pretty view and sight. With the wide space, a lake full of fishes, green places because of trees, Nuvali can ake your stress gone.

Love the Japanese Koi pond in Nuvali Lake, we had the chance to fish feed those hungry koi fishes.

Tropang Bato in Anawangin

The much awaited outing of Tropang Bato in Anawangin, Zambales. Also overlooking from Pundaquit is the Capones and Camara Island. Special thanks to Uncle Jojo, Kuya Jerry, Ate Luvy for the preparation and transportation. Also to Ate Chubs and family for the foods. To Kuya Dong and Tisoy as the project manager and treasurer. And to all who came!

It was my second time in Anawangin, the first was with my friends from college. I had a good time then and this time too. Anawangin brings such good memories whenever I go there.

Will look forward to our next escapade..

Ifugao Province

It is summer and I am in Isabela, one of nearest destination is the Magat Dam. Just few minutes from the town proper of Isabela, we arived there with my Uncle, Auntie and cousins. But along the way, we were able to passed by the border Isabela and Ifugao Province. We had the chance to took some pics, finally we were been to Ifugao!

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