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Punk and Roll Party

My Punk and Roll and Leadya Christmas Party, a night for videoke, foods and drinking!

SM Aura at Global City

While waiting for the last full show of The Hunger Games in SM Aura, me and my cousins got the chance to explore SM Aura Garden.

Catch Me by Leadya

Catch me, I'm falling!

One of the activity that require trust. This is just one of the Team Leadya had to go through on the team building that was held in Bakasyunan in Tanay, Rizal.

This activity will test your trust on your fellow team. The anticipation if you are going to fall to the hard ground or if your team will catch you with their arms. But I did enjoy falling!

Moon During the Day

On one of my walk along the farm after a relaxing day, I noticed that the moon is kinda early. It was just 5 or 6 in the afternoon and still bright so I'm amazed that there was already a moon.

Italian Cuisine at Capricciosa

Capricciosa Food Trip - Italian Food at its Best

We already had Indian, Singaporean, American, Japanese Cuisines - so now we're heading for Italian. We have two choice, Amici or Capricciosa but since me and Jayr had tried Amici before, we decided to try the later.

We decided to try their pizza and their best seller, the squid ink pasta. They did not disappoint, the squid ink pasta is the best pasta I tried. It has the best pasta aroma and makes you crave more effect.

Definitely two thumbs up for Capricciosa.

Lady Bug

While in La Union in this early part of the year, I used the tend my grandma's garden. One morning while flowering the plants, I saw a lady bug. I ran as a fast as I could to the house to get my camera ha ha! It's not everyday that I get to see a lady bug, promise..

It seems that day is a lady bug day cause there are a lot around the bushes. I took a few pictures for my site and for my animal blog.

Grand Palace Fried Pigeon

The Tastiest Fried Pigeon in China Town.

I didn't know that we have a fried pigeon on our list of foods in our itinerary and food trip, but of course I'm very eager to try that out. So we looked for the Presidents Grand Palace that serves the best fried pigeon in China Town. While waiting for the main course, we indulge ourselves with the in house tea first the n feast on the fried pigeon. Its much smaller and the bones are harder and more pointy but taste good. We also want to tried the Peking Duck next time.

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