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Mr Owl

While staying here at La Union, our neighbor saw and caught an owl, it's a Philippine Scops Owl. It has a brown feather with a pair of orange eyes. I named him Hedwig, yes I am a Harry Potter fan ha ha.. He, I assume its a male owl, is kinda aggressive and he had biten me many times and got a lot of scratch from his claws. The first time I touched him, I was surprised when I noticed that my hand is bleeding. The next time I took him from the cage, I was wearing gloves.

After three days in the cage, visiting him and pursuing Uncle to let him go, we decided to free him. The funny thing, after few hours being freed, I saw the Philippine Scops Owl perched on one of the chairs outside my grandma's house. I had to bring him back to the trees at our backyard.

Every night on my stay at La Union, I can hear him hooting outside..

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