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Laiya Beach Girls

This is my second time to go to the beach in Batangas, considering my mother came from here! After a very nice breakfast prepared by Daddy and Mommy Gina, we went a long trip to San Juan, Batangas. My cousin Joy had been there so we didn't had a problem looking for a resort. We arrived by noon and ate lunch prepared by Ate Owen and Joy. 

It's nice to swim late in the afternoon and early morning, by that time the water is clear that you can see some fishes. There are also lots of jellyfish around.

The guys prepared snorkeling and island hopping in Bat Cave that we enjoyed so much. Some of the pictures were taken in Bat Cave Island.

Under the Stars

I am always fascinated in the stars. Every time I went for a vacation, I usually take a shot of night time and stars. I always get amazed at night when I can see the stars, I seldom see a beautiful sky filled with stars since the Metro is light polluted.

I can still remember the last I time I went to Batangas and La Union. I was so frustrated by my stars shot, every night I changed settings so that I can make justice how beautiful the stars there.

I guess I got lucky now, I tried with the longest shutter, about 30 seconds, and smallest aperture. And I got a lucky shots that it looks surreal. I will post it next time..

Happy Birthday Kits

After my schedule I have to get back to our house to fetch our birthday gifts to Kits. We were all late but the dinner went well.

After few talks and greetings for the birthday girl, we went to Amici, located to our favorite meeting place, the Ayala Triangle. 

Persia Grill

Me and Jenifer met up one Sunday to talk and eat. We already ate at Tokyo Tokyo and after that Jen wants us to get some drinks to a quiet place so that we can talk, so we went to Persia Grill.

It was my first time to eat in Persia Grill for a little drink and food trip. We had not try the shisha but promised that we will try that next time.

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