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Lady Bug

While in La Union in this early part of the year, I used the tend my grandma's garden. One morning while flowering the plants, I saw a lady bug. I ran as a fast as I could to the house to get my camera ha ha! It's not everyday that I get to see a lady bug, promise..

It seems that day is a lady bug day cause there are a lot around the bushes. I took a few pictures for my site and for my animal blog.

Grand Palace Fried Pigeon

The Tastiest Fried Pigeon in China Town.

I didn't know that we have a fried pigeon on our list of foods in our itinerary and food trip, but of course I'm very eager to try that out. So we looked for the Presidents Grand Palace that serves the best fried pigeon in China Town. While waiting for the main course, we indulge ourselves with the in house tea first the n feast on the fried pigeon. Its much smaller and the bones are harder and more pointy but taste good. We also want to tried the Peking Duck next time.

Little Tokyo

Fun and Food Trip at Little Tokyo with my Leadya friends. After office, we decided to visit a Japanese Restaurant in Makati Square. This food place was previously shown to us by JayR and we can't get enough of this resto and cuisine.

I miss these girls and guys and this is one of the rare moments I always remember when I'm with them, stay  nice, cool and fun. I miss you friends.


The famous Spoliarium by Juan Luna is in its glory can be found and the main spectacle in National Museum in Manila.

My second time to laid my eyes on this work of art, Spoliarium, but never ceases to amaze me. 

Dong Bei Dumpling

Where else we can find the best Chinese Cuisine Food Trip, nothing beats China Town. And where could we find the best dumplings in town, none other than Dong Bei Dumpling.

According to reviews, the best dumpling cuisine can be found at the back of Divisoria Church, where your dumplings are being made upon ordering. 

Mona, Jayr and me headed for our first Chinese Cuisine, the dumplings. Costing 100 php for 14 pieces, its not bad for our appetizer and you can either choose steam or fry dumplings.

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