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Weekend Trip to Camarines

On the way to Bicol! An excruciating twelve hours bus ride but it is all worth it.

One of our stop is the beautiful Our Lady of Pe├▒afrancia Shrine and Naga Cathedral.

First stop is Daet in Cmarines Norte. From here, we will go to a friend's house.

We got the beach all by ourselves, Calaguas  Island!

Roaming around my friend's garden and I found these.

Night in Bagasbas Beach and its beautiful.

Meal time at Bigg's Diner with friends. Thank you for weekend trip to Camarines!

Philippine Travel in Baluarte Zoo

One of the famous zoo in Philippines can be found in Ilocos Sur.

Baluarte Zoo is home to animals that are people-friendly. You can ride the dwarf pony in here.

Or even walk, touch and feed the tigers!

They also have an entertainment for everyone for free!

And I get to touch Tiny, the biggest python I ever seen!

Japanese Guy Selling Travel Photos at Your Price

While exploring the Social Media Day at SM Aura, my friend took notice of a guy sitting in the stair at the Samsung Hall.

Tendo is known as the Japanese guy selling his travel photos at your price!

He is travelling around Philippines and tries to sell his photography as sideline.

His pictures are properly placed so you can check them out.

We asked about the pictures we choose and he responded in few words but smilingly.

Girl Travel Trip to Seven Commando Beach

Nice seashore, sand and water! Good for just chilling.

Seven Commando Beach is a good place to relax cause of nice view and beach. No big waves and stony water bed.

My friends enjoyed this place cause of clear water and fine sand, we also got a pretty hut by ourselves.

The view is majestic too!

A Lab Story: ABS CBN Digital Trade Event

My first trade event with IPG MediaBrands, my Team Leader made sure I would be going!

Reprise Team attending A Lab Story, ABS CBN Digital Trade Event held in Makati Diamond Residences.

I'm enjoying this event too much and my team mates were working! 

Got a chance to win a voucher by searching thru their website.

And a perfume by just answering some questions!

The rest of my team chilling while waiting for our foods.

Digital Trade Event also kept us entertained with singers and celebrities.

And QandA from Lloyd Cadena and The Sochal Network.

Growing Grapes Farm in the Philippines

Girl Travel in  Grapes Farm, La Union

Growing Grapes Farm in the Philippines

We visited the Grapes Capital of the Philippines that is located in La Union. There are many varieties that we can grow here. Grapes like loose, deep soil with a ph lower than 5, so the application of lime helps. It is also good to put decomposed leaves around the plant to conserve the soil moisture. Grapes like terrain that is somewhat sloping so as not to lodge water and hurt the roots.

Grapes need plenty of sunshine and good circulation of air to avoid the onset of disease. Within 10 to 12 months after planting, grapes are ready for harvest. Harvest is done three times a year, September, December, and Summer. In the first year, a hectare of land planted to grapes can yield about 1,700 kilos per tree. In the third and fourth years 10,000 kilos per tree can be harvested. Grape is most productive from its third to eighth year.

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Growing Grapes Farm in the Philippines

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