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Zambales Wedding

Its only a few times that I had been to Zambales. We dont have much relatives staying on this part of the Philippines. Then my cousin met this wonderful lady and held their wedding in there. It was a wonderful wedding and her family is so nice and wonderful. I hope I can visit Zambales a lot starting now..

Sky Lantern Wedding

It is said that if you successfully fly a sky lantern, you can make a wish.

This is my first time to fly a sky lantern. As a part of my cousin's wedding, we flew sky lantern. After attaching the wax and lighting it up, you have to patiently wait until the lantern slowly float. You must also be careful for the paper not to catch fire. 

Christian and Catherine Wedding

Congratulations to Christian and Catherine! Wish you all the love and happiness, truly your wedding is one of my favorite. It is not just a family gathering for me, I love how the wedding in every sense. From the  prenuptial pictorial which I was the unofficial photographer, also the travel which I enjoyed so much cause its my first time to Lingayen, I even like the place we had stayed in Zambales that I wanted to cry when we had to leave, the wedding, the dresses of the entourage that had Bohemian theme, the reception place which Ate Catherine's family worked so hard, the hosts made me laugh so hard, I was touched by the speech given by their love ones, and most specially the union of two special person. 

Christian and Catherine Nuptial
December 28, 2012
Masinloc, Zambales

Filipina Travel at Candelaria

We stayed on this beachfront with river and mountains on the other side. And when you look on the horizon, you will see the Potipot Island. Candelaria, unlike other beach, is not crowded with huts and crowd, instead, vast sands and pine trees can be seen. It reminds me of Anawangin, only better.

Too bad, I am not able to fully enjoy this beach. We just stayed here because my relatives did not have any place to stay during my cousin's wedding in Zambales. And they decided to rent this very wonderful place! If I had known that this was where they were going to stay, I would stay here one week before the wedding ha ha..

Glorietta with Lola

Before the holidays hit, we decided to meet again.

We just ate and talked the whole night til morning. 

As usual, our meeting place is the Ayala Triangle but since the resto were all full, we decided to went to Glorietta. After having dinner, we went for some cuppa coffee and talked til morning.

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