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Its More Fun in Calaguas

Its more fun in Calaguas for the second time!

Yes, you heard it right. It's my second time to visit this paradise. Thanks to this doggo who posed with us!

Now with my friends at work and I am having a blast! Playing frisbee and volleyball on the beach.

Girl Travel in Calaguas Island

I've been ready, brought my fishing rod, finally able to swim and dive.

Pinay Travel in Baclayon Church

This trip happened few years ago, when this church was still standing majestically complete.

I was amazed looking around in Baclayon Church cause it's one of the oldest architecture I had visited. 

This church was built at the year 1596! And I feel so  fortunate cause I get to see a place like this. So imagine my sadness when the earthquake hit Bohol and one of the casualties is this church.

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