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Vin Diesel in Philippines

After Mona's vacation, we talked to a lot of things including them was having Vin Diesel in the country. And I was sulking because I didn't caught him in Boni High and MOA was far to attend the premier show. Then she said that Vin would be having a premier night in Glorietta that night! 

So no time wasted, we went to Glorietta, along with Jay R. There was also a car show and some of the other casts were there too such as Michelle Roriguez, Luke Evans and Gina Carano. But of course, the main event was when Vin Diesel came out!

Wearing his usual style, me and Mona were giggling to see him! And he even speak Tagalog ha ha..

Jellyfish at Laiya

It was already noon when we came to Laiya Beach in Batangas. And since it's the high time of being summer, the shoreline was full of people. Good thing we would spent the night in here. 

But of course, we still had time to enjoy the beach during late afternoon. My nephews were already swimming and enjoying the beach so I went in to take their pictures. Then I noticed these plastic looking thing floating in the water. These jellyfish in here are not the usual jellyfish I know, they were kind hard or rubberized, they also don not have the usual tentacles. My cousins told me they are itchy but I already touch them and did not feel any itchiness or uneasiness while I am holding those jellyfish.

Fun Time at Beans and Bros

One Sunday with Jenifer and we decided to go north. We met with Sir Woody, a colleague during our engineering review. We tour around  SM Clark, its not our first tie we visit here. We were here, Jenifer and me, on 2010 Hot Air Balloon Festival. And of course we visited this coffee shop that is increasingly becoming famous, the Beans and Bros. Jenifer had a latte and me had a hot tea, nice food trip in Pampanga.

Marvin and Gichelle Wedding

Marvin and Gichelle Wedding. Congrats to the newly wed, I wish you will stay in love.

Birthday Girls

Two of my close friends got their birthday celebration, actually its three! Of course we will never forget Chelly's birthday.

Anyways, I am so glad I was able to attend this celeb. We had a dinner and Kits prepared a cake for them. I know they got wishes for their birthday and I hope it will come true. I love those girls and I want to see them happy. Again happy birthday lola!

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