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Calaguas Overlooking

The first time I was in Calaguas Island, I never experienced trekking. So now I am back in here, I would not miss trekking and getting a view of this island!

What I thought would be a long and rough trekking was surprisingly only five minutes walk and oh the view is amazing!

Me and the group was lead by our tour guide. You can see the long stretch of Calaguas white beach, the boats that are docked, the nearby islands and the beautiful horizon..

National Coloring Book Day in Manila

Finally, the first Coloring Book Day happened here in Cubao Expo! People stopping by to see why what is going on in The Warrior Poet Art Cafe.

The perfect place to go to when you want art and good hot chocolate! The first time I sipped on spicy hot chocolate..

People with passion in colouring get together and having some fun. Not just a passion and a hobby, coloring book is a good outlet to destress and scientifically proven to take your stress away.

Arlyn, a Kolorista, starting the coloring book event and giving inspiration. Let the first coloring book day begins!

Old and young people showcase their work. This two girls sharing space with other visitors.

You'll feel like you're in heaven when you see the wide range of coloring stuff and materials from Craft Carrot brought!

Techie people still welcome in the coloring book world. Selfie and post to Facebook first!

Beautiful colors are pouring in as entries for on-the-spot coloring contest comes in..

You'll also love the mermaid poster coloring page and handmade coloring book by Frou Frou Crafts is offering.

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