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Books and Brews: Wrapping Things Up

Good Morning Boss visited us for an interview!

Our local coloring book artists turn for PTV interview.

Let us see up close to our coloring books artists.

Books and Brews: Halfway Coloring

Met another very artistic coloring book author: Knack by Coco.

Princess designed and colored by Frou Frou Crafts.

Colorful and glittered Dream Catcher by Knack by Coco.

Amazing people of Kolorista!

Jimmy, the author of Food for the Soul Coloring Book and my friends' favorite artist.

Mind blowin' colors of Kolorista Artist of the Month.

Talented author of Color Me Doodle, Mark Dean Lim!

Books and Brews: Week of Coloring Books Event

Books and Brews, the second coloring book event held by Kolorista.

The Kolorista Basket, coloring pencils free to use to who wants to have fun and color!

Friends visiting the Kolorista Booth!

Sippin' coffee and hot chocolate while coloring.

Couples having a great time coloring.

Ayn with one of our local coloring book artist JTypoDesigns.

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