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Girl Travel in Malcapuya Island

Girl Travel in Malcapuya Island

Girl Travel in Malcapuya Island

During our stay at Palawan, one of our island hopping consist of the famous Malcapuya Island. Malcapuya Island is an island resort which has a white sand beach, coconut trees and buko juice, pretty white house with its own generator if you want to stay on the island for few days, magnificent view from a hill and a nearby pearl farm.

Pinay Travel in Malcapuya Island

This island is bigger than other island we visited, we did not able to explore the whole place because we are excited to see the pearl farm which we didn't made. Our tour guide told us since it is low tide, we might swim too close to the big shells which is not good. 

Upon touching the land, which is on the other side, we had to walk until we get to the better side of the island. Then we went up a hill, top of Malcapuya Island, to see the nice view the island has to offer. Finally, we went swimming and snorkeling, we did not saw much coral reefs but we saw large fishes.

Girl Travel in Glorietta

Me and my friends like to get together once in a while. We usually eat, drink a little and chat a lot. It had been a long time since we last saw each other so this meeting was kind of special. Kits is also bound to go to Australia so its also a bon voyage party for her.

So after office hour, we decided to meet in Glorietta since its the nearest place for us to meet, asides from Jenifer who will be coming from Ortigas he he.. 

I'm really happy to see them again, we decided that we should do this a lot. So watch out for more get together.

Girl Travel at Bowling Sportsfest

Girl Travel at Bowling Sportsfest

Girl Travel at Bowling Sportsfest

This year, there won't be different games to be compete, no color coding, no cheerleading competition, its bowling game! 

Held at Mall of Asia, me and my friend were very early. But it let me get in touch with my friends. Friends from Operation, Accounting, Building Administration and of course, Information Technology Department started to flock in.

As the game was about to start and me making sure I talked to my favorite people, that includes you Joyce, Baby Jane, Pipoy and of course Boss Randy, I started taking pictures. It was fun watching them playing and avoiding their balls going on the gutter! And me starting to get frustrated in having the best configuration of my camera but I think I got a decent shot.

As the game coming to its end, the second batch of players started to come in. I saw more familiar faces Boand started to be excited again! I absolutely miss Jessica, Reyna, Madel and Rosel.

I'll see you soon again..

Banapple Foodtrip with Lola

After Kits being out of country for two months, we finally got together. Me with Aileen, Jenifer and Kits met up in Ayala Triangle and what else that makes a good friendship clicks more, of course eating and food trip. It never happened that we would not eat, this time in Banapple!

Girl Travel and Kirchoff Zidane

Girl Travel and Kirchoff Zidane

Kirchoff Zidane is one of my godson. And yes, you read it right, everyone who took up electronics engineering knows him and  if you are an anime fan. Very bright and handsome kid I must say. Can't wait to see you again KZ..

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