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NAIA Prenup Pictorial Cast

NAIA Prenup Pictorial Cast

My cousin is about to get wed this December and me and my brother were invited to their prenup pictorial that was held in NAIA Terminal 3. The official photographer was Mr Cali with Gail, I'm the saling pusa. Ms Riza was assigned to hair and make up. Then the NAIA peeps were Mr Edwin and Ms Ayra and their Manager. Aside from Alex, the bride-to-be's brother, Jerry, was also present. And of course, the couple Kuya Dong and Ate Chubz, the main character for the prenup pictorial.

Christmas Light Show

After exhausting shopping for Jenifer's Christmas Party costume, we decided to relax a bit at Ayala Triangle. I already saw the Christmas Light Show last year but it is really beautiful and want to try that experience again.

We were welcome by a large crowd waiting to see the show. You can see kids and grown ups having picnic from afar while others were patiently waiting under the Christmas lights hanging from the trees. Jen and I were chatting when the place got dark and we could hear the music starting, the crowd stirred excitedly! The show started, I got busy taking pictures but stopped for awhile to enjoy the lights and music. You can see the lights dancing along with the beat!

After two Christmas Light Show, we said goodbye. But I'll come again next year..

Merry Christmas from Cat

My cat posing for the start of December. As I finished decorating our Christmas tree, my dear feline pet started to play with the Christmas balls hanging on the tree! I'll catch him next time.

Merry Christmas from my Kitty Cat!

Muffie Shannen at Coron Village Lodge

Harold and I thought that it would be great if we spent our evening in different resto and bar in Palawan. This idea never leave us because we were with Sabrina, when Har and I talked about Sab it means drinking session and we don't want to be embarrassed he he.. So on our third night, we headed to Coron Village Lodge. A nice vacation lodge but a nicer resto and bar! It a has a nice cozy, bamboo and wooden theme resto and bar, no one will miss the pretty chandelier they have.

So we started ordering our drinks, we also tried the San Miguel Apple.  Sorry to disappoint you but we were not drunk! Just head back to our place after few drinks.

Teacup Dog

While strolling along Boni High Street, I saw this small, furry thing. I checked it out and its a cute puppy! It is so small they call them Teacup Dog. 

I also heard the owner saying that that pup is just four months old! My friend's dog is barely four months old and its thrice in height. Now I want to have a teacup dog.

Girl Cousins

I just had this vacation from La Union where me and my girl cousins got time together. It was a warm afternoon, a day to spend the Halloween, but spending Halloween here is like a picnic! So the picnic basket was ready, we were lucky to have this shade to lie.

Pinay Travel at Banana Island

One of my favorite island in Coron, is the Banana Island. I love this island because I really enjoyed every moment in this place, from the moment I stepped out until I get back from our boat. 

As you can see in the pictures, yes Akso Rojas is my brother, the beach in Banana Island is quite nice, we just had the photo taken on the stony part. But the beach is really beautiful with lots of trees and bermuda grass, yes there are bermuda grass on this island! There are nipa huts if you want to stay overnight, the view is magnificent! You can see other islands such as Bulog Dos, Malcapuya Island and the limestone island stretching on the horizon.

One of the best thing to do in Banana Island is snorkeling. I think I roam under water twice or thrice. As we were being guided few feet from the beach, we already saw the vast coral reefs and different species of fish. As we swam around the island, we came to the parts of the seafloor two meters deep then next thing when you look down its several meters deep! As we swim further, the fishes multiply and became bigger. Its really magnificent! I was holding tightly to my buddy but still amazed he he..

Muffie Shannen at Malcapuya Island

During our stay at Palawan, one of our island hopping consist of the famous Malcapuya Island. Malcapuya Island is an island resort which has a white sand beach, coconut trees and buko juice, pretty white house with its own generator if you want to stay on the island for few days, magnificent view from a hill and a nearby pearl farm.

This island is bigger than other island we visited, we did not able to explore the whole place because we are excited to see the pearl farm which we didn't made. Our tour guide told us since it is low tide, we might swim too close to the big shells which is not good. Upon touching the land, which is on the other side, we had to walk until we get to the better side of the island. Then we went up a hill, top of Malcapuya Island, to see the nice view the island has to offer. Finally, we went swimming and snorkeling, we did not saw much coral reefs but we saw large fishes.

Glorietta with Lola

Me and my friends like to get together once in a while. We usually eat, drink a little and chat a lot. 

It had been a long time since we last saw each other so this meeting was kind of special. Kits is also bound to go to Australia so its also a bon voyage party for her. So after office hour, we decided to meet in Glorietta since its the nearest place for us to meet, asides from Jenifer who will be coming from Ortigas he he.. 

I'm really happy to see them again, we decided that we should do this a lot. So watch out for more get together.

Girl Travel at Bowling Sportsfest

This year, there won't be different games to be compete, no color coding, no cheerleading competition, its bowling game! 

Held at Mall of Asia, me and my friend were very early. But it let me get in touch with my friends. Friends from Operation, Accounting, Building Administration and of course, Information Technology Department started to flock in.

As the game was about to start and me making sure I talked to my favorite people, that includes you Joyce, Baby Jane, Pipoy and of course Boss Randy, I started taking pictures. It was fun watching them playing and avoiding their balls going on the gutter! And me starting to get frustrated in having the best configuration of my camera but I think I got a decent shot.

As the game coming to its end, the second batch of players started to come in. I saw more familiar faces Boand started to be excited again! I absolutely miss Jessica, Reyna, Madel and Rosel.

I'll see you soon again..

Banapple Foodtrip with Lola

After Kits being out of country for two months, we finally got together. Me with Aileen, Jenifer and Kits met up in Ayala Triangle and what else that makes a good friendship clicks more, of course eating and food trip. It never happened that we would not eat, this time in Banapple!

Muffie Shannen and Kirchoff Zidane

Kirchoff Zidane is one of my godson. And yes, you read it right, everyone who took up electronics engineering knows him and  if you are an anime fan. Very bright and handsome kid I must say. Can't wait to see you again KZ..

Kayangan Lake

Way back to our vacation in Palawan last January 2012. Me with Sabrina, Alex and Harold in Kayangan Lake after our first round of swimming and snorkeling, charging to have more fun.

Top of Mount Tapyas

Just got at the top of Mount Tapyas in Coron! And the view is just wonderful and to be honest we were all dead tired, its 700 steps after all. 

The view on our back is the seas and islands of Coron. And somewhere on these islands, we had visited.

ROHM Sportsfest

I was invited by my friend Jenifer Junio to the ROHM Sportsfest. Since she know that I am killing my time in photography, she decided to test my hobby. But it was mostly having fun! 

I just came in time for the starting ceremony held at Ynares Stadium. I'm quite surprised because my friend's team, Red Team, were quite loud and that should be good, right? 

Mr and Ms ROHM was announced, my team's bet for Mr ROHM won, congrats! The cheerleading competition went well and my team won first runner up, not bad! The first game played was volleyball and Red Team will play against  Green Team. Nice game because we won! Another congratulations to the Red Team.

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