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Muffie Shannen at Coron Village Lodge

Harold and I thought that it would be great if we spent our evening in different resto and bar in Palawan. This idea never leave us because we were with Sabrina, when Har and I talked about Sab it means drinking session and we don't want to be embarrassed he he.. So on our third night, we headed to Coron Village Lodge. A nice vacation lodge but a nicer resto and bar! It a has a nice cozy, bamboo and wooden theme resto and bar, no one will miss the pretty chandelier they have.

So we started ordering our drinks, we also tried the San Miguel Apple.  Sorry to disappoint you but we were not drunk! Just head back to our place after few drinks.

Teacup Dog

While strolling along Boni High Street, I saw this small, furry thing. I checked it out and its a cute puppy! It is so small they call them Teacup Dog. 

I also heard the owner saying that that pup is just four months old! My friend's dog is barely four months old and its thrice in height. Now I want to have a teacup dog.

Girl Cousins

I just had this vacation from La Union where me and my girl cousins got time together. It was a warm afternoon, a day to spend the Halloween, but spending Halloween here is like a picnic! So the picnic basket was ready, we were lucky to have this shade to lie.

Pinay Travel at Banana Island

One of my favorite island in Coron, is the Banana Island. I love this island because I really enjoyed every moment in this place, from the moment I stepped out until I get back from our boat. 

As you can see in the pictures, yes Akso Rojas is my brother, the beach in Banana Island is quite nice, we just had the photo taken on the stony part. But the beach is really beautiful with lots of trees and bermuda grass, yes there are bermuda grass on this island! There are nipa huts if you want to stay overnight, the view is magnificent! You can see other islands such as Bulog Dos, Malcapuya Island and the limestone island stretching on the horizon.

One of the best thing to do in Banana Island is snorkeling. I think I roam under water twice or thrice. As we were being guided few feet from the beach, we already saw the vast coral reefs and different species of fish. As we swam around the island, we came to the parts of the seafloor two meters deep then next thing when you look down its several meters deep! As we swim further, the fishes multiply and became bigger. Its really magnificent! I was holding tightly to my buddy but still amazed he he..

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