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Summer Swimming Lesson

Me and my cousin decided to enroll on summer swimming lesson, a very good decision! Now from two students, Coach Elson are now managing nine students from my family and friends. Coach Elson did a good job. As of now I know a few tricks and stroke on swimming. Some of the things I learned and strokes I know are the following:

Free Style
Survival Swimming Stroke
Dolphin Kick Stroke
Treading Water
Sprint Swimming

Well no money back for Coach eh!

Kristian and Josephine Wedding

I never seen a bride so nervous.. But that adds to her beauty while she walks slowly to the altar. Have you got that experience where you feel love and happiness radiates from the guy waiting in the other end of altar and the girl walking on the red carpet..

They both look so happy and in love, I wish their love to last forever.

Cafe Mezzanine Food Trip

Cafe Mezzanine Food Trip with friends at Binondo, Manila, the last stop in Majaymo Foodtrip. Its a little weird cause what we are after in Cafe Mezzanine is only their best seller.

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