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Pinay Travel at Global City

Pinay Travel at Global City

Since this was the month that my cousins were starting to get used to locations in here, I decided to tour them on the nearest places. That includes Market Market, SM Aura, Boni High Street and Global City. 

Even though we only walk around the place and ate fast foods, I had a good time with my girl cousins.

Boni High Street Fountains

Girl Travel in Boni High Street Fountains

Pinay Travel in Boni High Street Fountains

Boni High Street Fountains

Me and my cousins, Angelica and Herwel, in Boni High Street Fountains. Since the fountains were opened to the public, lots of children and people are visiting it especially at night.  Kids are amaze running around it, water spurting and color changes makes it more fun.

One by one, different resto and shops opened around Boni High Street Fountains which makes the place ore lively.

Nutella Craze Champorado

My Nutella Champorado Food Trip made of oatmeal and of course Nutella! Happy tummy because of my chocolate food trip.

My Frog Charming

My Frog Charming. I don't know but I like to have pictures of me taken with these cute frogs or palaka in Tagalog. I also have another picture in Lumot River holding a cute frog.

P and P Tattoo

My cousin decided to have a tattoo and tagged me along for moral support. We landed on Eastwood where his choice of tattooist is working, in P&P Tattoo. 

Really got tempted to have a tattoo too, but next time..

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