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Silverware Making in Naguilian

My grandma's place is not only famous with rice wine or Basi of Naguilian but also silverware making. It all started with these silver spoons.

Melted and molded into a strip of silver. And it slowly looking like a ring!

Furnishing it to my chosen design by using more fire!

Polishing my ring!

And finally..

See more and other designs at the store here in Nagulian.

First Timer in Pagudpud Beach

Pagudpud Beach is like in those postcard, white and fina sands, coconut trees everywhere and blue water.

Playing and swimming in the beach!

Look for that big shell!

Those are windmills in Pinay Travel background, visible in Pagudpud Beach.

Definitely, you need to get a picture taken from here.

Looking for a Pebble Beach

Baluarte Watch Tower located in Pebble Beach, Luna. 

A beach that is full of stones and pebbles.

You can build stones and have it destroy by your dog over and over again!

A different kind of beach..

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