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Snorkeling in Siete Pecados

Our first stop at the second day of Coron was in Siete Pecados. We were really excited and amazed when we went to the water. The coral reef and fishes are beautiful, it was really breath taking!

Conquering Mount Tapyas

Conquering Mount Tapyas has a price to pay, a total of 700 steps before you see the paradise above. So me, Sabrina, Alex, Harold and Melvin made our way up. Taking photos every hundred steps going to Mount Tapyas in Palawan!

We really want to document our way up to Mount Tapyas. So in the first picture, we looked happy, relax, excited and stress free he he.. After one hundred steps, we still look happy, relax, stress free and ready to pose for pictures. Same goes to two hundred.  By three hundred steps, we were taking our handkerchief or towel, its getting hot. We were slowing down when four hundred steps were made. As we were nearing five hundred steps, we were officially thirsty. We were moving like snails on the time we hit six hundred steps. And finally, we made it on top!

Kayangan Trekking

Yes, we arrived at Kayangan Island.

But the famous lake is few trek away!

You still need to climb a quaint stone stairs before reaching Kayangan Lake.

But since we are excited, we are all smiles while climbing!

And finally, the beautiful lake.

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