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Filipina Travel Christmas Party

Filipina Travel Christmas Party

Christmas party held the party on our MNPI parking lot, this was done to save money. But I still think that we spent fortune on this christmas party. The Admin Group, my group, won the presentation contest! It was really a very stressful process and practice for me. Anyways, I had fun with my friends, I miss and love them!

Seafarers Christmas Party

Christmas Party Dedicated for Seafarers.

It's Seafarers Christmas Party again! And who to call in regards to audio, photo booth and other technical part, no other than IT Department! 

Every year they hold a party for them to acknowledge seafarer's hardwork. 

Muffie Shannen at Dumaluan Beach

Muffie Shannen at Dumaluan Beach Resort in Panglao, Bohol. Woke up early and decided to stroll outside and since the place we stayed are beach front, where else to stroll..

So I left my sleeping friends and started the heading to beach, ignoring the breakfast, lol! There I found Jay Vee taking pictures. And what made my day was the beauty of sunrise of the Panglao beach. Enjoying the white sand, starfish scattered on the beach, clear water, pretty shells, I can even walked far from the beach front since its still low tide.

My brain was urging me to go play in the water but we would be having our breakfast anytime.. It was beautiful and amazing! This is when I fell in love with Panglao.

Pinay Travel in Sagbayan Peak

Climb at Sagbayan Peak CHocolate Hills

Vavois and Vitches in Sagbayan Peak, a place where you can see a nice view of Chocolate Hills. As you first enter this place, you will see a huge statue of dinosaur and other statues. It is like a recreational place complete with restaurant, large space, beautiful garden, butterfly sanctuary and view of Chocolate Hills.

I think this is the first place we went in our Bohol land tour and we got pretty excited. We spent a long time in here not knowing there are lots of other places to visit but its worth it. We got jumpshot, shots with big dino and small dino, shots with Mickey and Minnie, shots with Chocolate Hills on the background, we even visited their Butterfly Garden.

We leave the place tired and waiting what's next..

Filipina Travel in Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden Experience

Vavois and Vitches in Butterfly Garden in Bohol. One of our itinerary in Bohol is visiting the Butterfly Garden. The place was covered with tall trees and as we got in the place, we were surprised by the coziness of the place. Everywhere we turned our eyes,  butterfly pictures or framed butterflies are scattered. 

A young tour guide was assigned to us, younger than us, but she seems to know a lot about butterflies and really good in conversation. She explained the butterfly metamorphosis, we even get to see and touch egg, larva, pupa and butterfly. 

Finally, it was time for picture taking care of Jay Vee. I think Aimee got the best picture with the butterfly!

Larsian Fuente

Barbeque Food Trip at Larsian Fuente.

I must say that this is the best get together of berbaque stalls in the Philippines. We had dinner at Larsian Fuente in our visit in Cebu City. There are different choices of ihaw ihaw and they all taste good plus the puso kanin get along with it so much.

Summer in Casa Ibiza

Summer outing of Manila Girls in Casa Ibiza, Antipolo! And since we are young and in love, we brought our boyfriends! We had this memorable summer outing.

We found out this very nice resort in the heart of Antipolo.  A newly built villa complete with stable, nice garden and of course Casa Ibiza cabanas, swimming pool and bar. After working for the day, we headed to the resort. It was already late so we decided to have a night swimming and fortunately we owned the resort by ourselves! The night was cold but we had fun!

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