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Books and Brews: Wrapping Things Up

Good Morning Boss visited us for an interview!

Our local coloring book artists turn for PTV interview.

Let us see up close to our coloring books artists.

Books and Brews: Halfway Coloring

Met another very artistic coloring book author: Knack by Coco.

Princess designed and colored by Frou Frou Crafts.

Colorful and glittered Dream Catcher by Knack by Coco.

Amazing people of Kolorista!

Jimmy, the author of Food for the Soul Coloring Book and my friends' favorite artist.

Mind blowin' colors of Kolorista Artist of the Month.

Talented author of Color Me Doodle, Mark Dean Lim!

Books and Brews: Week of Coloring Books Event

Books and Brews, the second coloring book event held by Kolorista.

The Kolorista Basket, coloring pencils free to use to who wants to have fun and color!

Friends visiting the Kolorista Booth!

Sippin' coffee and hot chocolate while coloring.

Couples having a great time coloring.

Ayn with one of our local coloring book artist JTypoDesigns.

Calaguas Overlooking

The first time I was in Calaguas Island, I never experienced trekking. So now I am back in here, I would not miss trekking and getting a view of this island!

What I thought would be a long and rough trekking was surprisingly only five minutes walk and oh the view is amazing!

Me and the group was lead by our tour guide. You can see the long stretch of Calaguas white beach, the boats that are docked, the nearby islands and the beautiful horizon..

National Coloring Book Day in Manila

Finally, the first Coloring Book Day happened here in Cubao Expo! People stopping by to see why what is going on in The Warrior Poet Art Cafe.

The perfect place to go to when you want art and good hot chocolate! The first time I sipped on spicy hot chocolate..

People with passion in colouring get together and having some fun. Not just a passion and a hobby, coloring book is a good outlet to destress and scientifically proven to take your stress away.

Arlyn, a Kolorista, starting the coloring book event and giving inspiration. Let the first coloring book day begins!

Old and young people showcase their work. This two girls sharing space with other visitors.

You'll feel like you're in heaven when you see the wide range of coloring stuff and materials from Craft Carrot brought!

Techie people still welcome in the coloring book world. Selfie and post to Facebook first!

Beautiful colors are pouring in as entries for on-the-spot coloring contest comes in..

You'll also love the mermaid poster coloring page and handmade coloring book by Frou Frou Crafts is offering.

You Are Invited in First National Coloring Book Day Philippines

Coloring Books for Adults – Philippines: National Coloring Book Day Party 2015

You Are Invited in First National Coloring Book Day Philippines

Venue:  The Warrior Poet Art Cafe (Cubao Expo, General Romula Ave, Soccoro, Cubao 1109 Quezon City, Philippines)
  • 10:00am – Venue Prep / Sound Check
  • 2:00pm – Registration (throughout the day)
    • a. Giving of Dover Publishing's Special Edition NCBD Printed Coloring Templates 
  • 3:00pm – Opening / Welcome Remarks from Co-Founder Arlyn Descalsote (lifestyle blogger, coloring book enthusiast, Senior SEO Specialist at Sourcefit Manila) & Girl Travel Factor (travel blogger, coloring enthusiast, Senior SEO Specialist at Sourcefit Manila)
    • a. Introduction of the August Artist of the Month Contest Official Entries and the On-The-Spot Art Coloring Contests
  • 3:30pm – Coloring Activities 
  • 4:00pm – Coloring Tips: Jim Gogarty (Video #1) Tentative
  • 5:00pm – Coloring Tips: Coloring Techniques (Video #2) Tentative
  • 6:00pm – Coloring Tips: Coloring Book to Relieve Stress (Video #3) Tentative
  • 8:00pm – Awarding
    • a. Closing Remarks from the Co-Founders
    • b. Distribution of Goodie Bags

Artist of the Month Winner – Goodie Bag with the following: (depending on sponsors)
  • 1 Dover Publishing Coloring Book
  • 1 Clip Board
  • Coloring Materials 
  • Stickers from Coloring Books for Adults – Philippines + Sponsors

On-The-Spot Art Coloring Contest Winner – Goodie Bag with the following: (depending on sponsors)
  • 1 Dover Publishing Coloring Book (any kind)
  • 1 Clip Board
  • Stickers from Coloring Books for Adults – Philippines + Sponsors
  • Goodie Bags for National Coloring Book Day Participants:
  • Printed Coloring Templates from Dover Publishing
  • Coloring Materials 
  • Stickers from Coloring Books for Adults - Philippines + Sponsors

Official Photographers / Videographers for the event:
  • Girl Travel Factor – Travel Blogger / Senior SEO Specialist
  • Gesell Monjardin – Traveler / Google Certified Senior PPC Specialist
  • Yancy Kit Cruz – Small-Biz Entrepreneur / Digital Marketing Specialist

National Coloring Book Day Philippines

Before Event
  • At least two to three (2 to 3) Article Backlinks from Bloggers of the group
  • Website and URL mentioning on Social Media posts.
  • (Depending on number of days left before the event)
During Event
  • Tarpaulin Branding
  • Sticker Giveaways Branding
  • Flyer Handouts at CBA-PH Booth
  • URL Mentioning on Social Media accounts of CBA-PH (Live posts)
After Event
  • Official Photos Watermark inclusion
  • At least Five (5) Article Backlinks from Bloggers on the event
  • Website and URL mentioning on Social Media posts.

Coloring Book for Adults Philippines

I never realized a single birthday present will go a long way and even a Facebook Group. It all started when I gave a colleague a birthday gift - coloring book for adult. She's a type of girl who like to draw, do lettering and doodles, and its a must, not just for pastime.

So I gave her Mosaic Masterpieces by Creative Haven that was on the window of a bookstore. Lucky find I guess.. One by one, everyone is buying their own book and coloring stuff. People become busy looking for inspiration and pictures from the internet.

Then, we started looking forward on going to the park near our office to color during coffee breaks. And staying to color in pantry and canteen when its raining..

We are also going too far, googling, spying and following those Coloring Book Authors like Kerby Rosanes, Johanna Basford, Valentina Harper-Ramos, Thaneeya McArdle, Jim Gogarty and Jaelle Andrada Albaniel to name a few.. And this insane idea of setting-up Coloring Book for Adults in Philippines Facebook Group.

Of course, being a colorist, we need to attend the First National Coloring Book Day this August 2, 2015. Me and my friends are now thinking and planning activities since this will be the first ever in the Philippines and World. We would like to throw a party but that would not be possible for now.

Anyways, we are accepting sponsors, anyone who got ideas and who want to help are welcome. I donated all my Dogecoin for this and hope to get more. You can donate Dogecoin at DFCoGr69DAEjjHdf6495LdTPobDkrSf7tD or buy photos at GirlTravelFactor Dogelet and all the proceeds will go to First National Coloring Book for Adults in Philippines Day.

Everyone is invited and we will keep you posted when and where!

The Coloring Books for Adults - Philippines was inspired by a bigger group called by the same name. We've just started last week and we already have 200+ active members and counting. 
This coming August 2, 2015, we are going to be celebrating the first ever National Coloring Book Day all over the world and we are taking part of it here in Manila. We will be showcasing some of our local amateur colorists' works and so much more. 
We are already in discussion with prime organizer Dover Publishing makers of Adult Coloring Books, which most of the colorists buy and use, for the party program and we might also feature some works from our world-renowned member Jim Gogarty the creator of The Mandala Coloring Books and founder of 
If you wish to be a part of this exciting advertising opportunity with us, please get in touch with me via my email address: I would love to discuss more about our plans for the event with you. Thank you very much for your time and more power to you guys! Have a wonderful day!

Its More Fun in Calaguas

Its more fun in Calaguas for the second time!

Yes, you heard it right. It's my second time to visit this paradise. Thanks to this doggo who posed with us!

Now with my friends at work and I am having a blast! Playing frisbee and volleyball on the beach.

Girl Travel in Calaguas Island

I've been ready, brought my fishing rod, finally able to swim and dive.

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