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Filipina Travel at NBA Cafe Manila

After attending an occasion held by one of our friend, my girl friends thought we should take that day to talk more and eat more. And since we are already in Global City, we chose SM Aura to pick a place to chill. 

We wanted to try the Magnum Cafe but the place was jam packed. So we resorted to this place, NBA Cafe Manila. The cafe was big, lots of space, quiet and looks pretty cool because of their NBA display. We ordered some and started talking about the vacation we are planning. There is nothing amazing about the food but we enjoyed looking at the NBA memorabilia. Some of things on display are for sale and you would be surprise how much a signature ball cost.

Girl Travel in Maginhawa Food Trip

My cousins invited me and my brother to go with them somewhere in Quezon City. All I remembered is Maginhawa Street. After few minutes of riding a cab, we arrived in the famous food trip place in Maginhawa, it's full of different food restos and stalls along the street. 

We walked for few meters when we stopped in Cocina Juan with El Tacontento and Cupcakes by Gremlins. We ordered dinner and opted to eat outside since they were full. The place is cute and small. A lot of people inquired but since there was no space, they lost some customers. The Buffalo Wings, Quesadilla and Iced Tea with Basil all taste good but not the best, also they have small serving that I can say that its expensive for a simple meal they served.

We moved to Friuli Trattoria and outside their shop, you can smell how good their pasta and pizza. We were waiting for few minutes but the aroma of their food is so good that it is okey to wait. We had red and white pasta and cucumber pizza, its all worth waiting for!

For finale, we went to Moonleaf and went home full.

Pizza and Beer

Pizza and beer after work make all the stress of the week go away. Got a new recruit, our Chinese Content Writer. That really made our Friday night more fun cause she don't commonly go with colleagues after work. Plus she usually needs to go home early to check her online games status, a real gamer girl, and really had a bad eyesight when its dark. So having her go with us is a really big breakthrough! 

I really miss this girl, she's very nice and helpful to me, and I like hearing her stories. Maybe we can have a night out with her again.

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