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NAIA Prenup Pictorial Cast

NAIA Prenup Pictorial Cast

My cousin is about to get wed this December and me and my brother were invited to their prenup pictorial that was held in NAIA Terminal 3. The official photographer was Mr Cali with Gail, I'm the saling pusa. Ms Riza was assigned to hair and make up. Then the NAIA peeps were Mr Edwin and Ms Ayra and their Manager. Aside from Alex, the bride-to-be's brother, Jerry, was also present. And of course, the couple Kuya Dong and Ate Chubz, the main character for the prenup pictorial.

Christmas Light Show

After exhausting shopping for Jenifer's Christmas Party costume, we decided to relax a bit at Ayala Triangle. I already saw the Christmas Light Show last year but it is really beautiful and want to try that experience again.

We were welcome by a large crowd waiting to see the show. You can see kids and grown ups having picnic from afar while others were patiently waiting under the Christmas lights hanging from the trees. Jen and I were chatting when the place got dark and we could hear the music starting, the crowd stirred excitedly! The show started, I got busy taking pictures but stopped for awhile to enjoy the lights and music. You can see the lights dancing along with the beat!

After two Christmas Light Show, we said goodbye. But I'll come again next year..

Merry Christmas from Cat

My cat posing for the start of December. As I finished decorating our Christmas tree, my dear feline pet started to play with the Christmas balls hanging on the tree! I'll catch him next time.

Merry Christmas from my Kitty Cat!

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