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Store at St Francis Square: A Good Story of Starting a Business

We just launched our dress store at St Francis Square. This was a sudden decision that me and a friend decided, we were supposed to have our swimming lesson and the next thing we know was we were checking the location and ordering clothes from supplier.

The next day, we collected the dress and set up our stall located at the third floor of the mall. I am very thankful because people from there helped and lend us things that we need. I am surprised because those who are supposed to be our competitors are very nice to us. From day one until the following days, they had lend us and do good to our store, giving us tips, lending us things, checking our store when our saleslady is getting water or going to restroom.

Aside from that, we met a lot of people who shared their stories from our saleslady, other stalls' saleslady, other stalls owners or St Francis Square Clothes Store, up to our suppliers.

Get money - that is everyone goal in setting up a business. But as days go on, I became to like the idea of mingling with different people. This is sure to give me a lot of new perspective in business, socializing and giving a care.

I would also like to give thanks to our family and friends who had been very supportive to us.

But well this is still a business, so..
Find elegant, office appropriate, fashionable, limited but cheap dresses for sale at Adam and Eve or St Francis Square Tiangge. We sell party dresses, office dresses, casual dresses, blouses, t-shirts, tees, walking shorts and more to come. 
St. Francis Square 
Brand new office clothing apparel that is clean and pressed but less expensive are for sale. The most expensive is 400 php office dresses, get a chance to buy 350 php office dresses, 200 php walking shorts, tees and shirts worth from 100 to 150 php. 
Get discount from our Saleslady! See you there!

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