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Girl Travel in Calumbuyan Island

Girl Travel in Calumbuyan Island, Palawan. After a long boatride, I got bored during the two to three hours ride, we finally landed on this beautiful island. The island that got me 'wowed', dont get me wrong, all the places and islands we'd been through are all beauty but this Calumbuyan is truly magnificent. 

From afar you can see that Calumbuyan Island not your usual island, yes there are the usual white sand but the green and rich trees on this island is uncommon to me. My friend expect there are lots of coconut tree, lol! 

Then our tour guide told us that we can go snorkel along the island. I had doubts on him, really.. Did he expect us to swim twenty to thirty meters from island after telling us that there are sharks in Coron! Well I did play along the beach and found out that just few walks there are indeed coral reefs and pretty fishes! So I grabbed my snorkeling kit and swim away! The view underwater is magnificent! We didn't have to exert effort in swimming because magically the waves will move you along half of the island. So when I was on the other end all I have to do is walk a few meters and do snorkeling again, I think I did it more than five times during my stay in Calumbuyan.

Lunch was also superb and we met a french guy and two very nice dogs.

My Cat Loves Facebook

My cat loves reading my Facebook messages! Doubledore is always doing this, I think he likes the heat from my laptop. Can I borrow my laptop back please..

Top of Malcapuya Island

Top of Malcapuya Island 

Malcapuya Beach is one of the places that is included in our itinerary. This lovely island is about 1.5 hours away by boat from the Coron town proper and is close to some other small islands

Aside from their white fine sand and clear blue water, Malcapuya offers a trek in its island. You can do a short hike and trek along its rough cliff and edges.

Albert and Jobel Wedding

Albert and Jobel Wedding in San Antonio de Padua Church last April 21, 2012.

One of my favorite wedding. Jobel is so beautiful.. I hope you all the love and happiness.

Moon Shots in Batangas

While at Batangas I had the chance to take some moon shots and I must say that it was very hard.

Of course, I had researched before I went there. I had made a list of configuration I would use. For almost a hundreds shots I took, only few turned out I liked.

On several nights I took my shots, I did enjoyed the learning process. Not every shot will turn out good and sometimes I need to change my camera's setting. But what I like most is I also got to enjoy the darkness,  stars and moon..

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