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Mong Kok at Night

Mong Kok at Night

Mong Kok at Night

Pinay Travel in Mong Kok

Kowloon come alive during at night with neon lights, billboards, shops, stalls, eateries and people!

This place lights up in vibrant on crowded streets Mong Kok where you can see endless people and cars passing by.

Girl Travel in Mong Kok

And while everyone should be sleeping, this place is just stirring up for your overnight shopping experience.

Mong Kok at Night

HongKong International Airport

HongKong International Airport

Girl Travel at HongKong International Airport

Girl Travel at HongKong International Airport

It is my first time in Hong Kong and it never occured to me that I will be enjoying the airport same as I enjoyed Disney and Mong Kok!

We had lots of time to spend before our departure and I got a good look and tour HongKong International Airport. After returning our octopus card and buy dinner, I got to check most of the shops in the airport.

HongKong International Airport

HongKong International Airport is the main airport in Hong Kong, built on reclaimed land on the island of Chek Lap Kok. The airport is also colloquially known as Chek Lap Kok Airport. The airport has been in commercial operation since 1998, replacing Kai Tak Airport.

They do not have Duty Free, they have Duty Zero! Duty Zero offers the finest spirits, local delicacies and the most comprehensive selection of Chinese liquor, all at the best prices among Asia-Pacific airport.

I recommend to have time exploring the Hong Kong International Airport, the main airport in HK.

Crystal Cove in Boracay

Crystal Cove Island Resort is a private beach island near Boracay.

The main attractions of the island are its two coves and white sand beaches, which offer great opportunities for swimming and snorkelling in the clear blue waters just off shore.

Woke up early to get in Crystal Cove and see the view in the morning.

Drive to Pebble Beach

Promised Mike to drive him somewhere nice, and Pebble Beach it is.

So we decided to have this trip, almost 2 hours from Naguilian, La Union.

And it did not disappoint.

Even though we were not able to swim in this beach, our eyes are full with nice view.

Girl Travel in Bahay na Bato

This place may have changed since I last visited in Bahay na Bato.

They had closed the house and put lots of stone sculpture n the garden.

They also built lots of stones murals.

Here is one of me and Mike between shark's teeth!

Saw stone paintings for sale, these two cute stones caught my eyes!

Chilling under a tree around wood sculpture.

Night Life in Boracay

One of our pla is to experience the famous Boracay Night Life!

Boracay is well known for its vibrant, seven days a week nightlife. There are many different nightlife venues to choose from.

Watching Fire Dancers and jumping from one bar to another with girl friends!

The night life in the island is as famed as its fine white sand and turquoise waters.

Christmas in BGC

Boni High Street is beaming with lights when the sun sets down.

Me and the girls decided to have our last hurrah of the year.

Our first stop for our Christmas night is in Ooma!

This place is my first recommendation, I want them to try the good food Ooma has to offer, hanger steak, maki and udon.

Then me and my lovely girls went to Mary Grace for coffee and desserts.

Exchanging gifts and having sweets.

Catching up and more talks.

WIshing happy holidays and saying our yearly New Year's resolution.

Which is by the way our yearly tradition and a good way to imprve ourselves.

Mango Bene and Tiramisu for dessert in Mary Grace!

And we will not dare to forget coffee and spicy chocolate!

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