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Drive to Pebble Beach

Promised Mike to drive him somewhere nice, and Pebble Beach it is.

So we decided to have this trip, almost 2 hours from Naguilian, La Union.

And it did not disappoint.

Even though we were not able to swim in this beach, our eyes are full with nice view.

Girl Travel in Bahay na Bato

This place may have changed since I last visited in Bahay na Bato.

They had closed the house and put lots of stone sculpture n the garden.

They also built lots of stones murals.

Here is one of me and Mike between shark's teeth!

Saw stone paintings for sale, these two cute stones caught my eyes!

Chilling under a tree around wood sculpture.

Christmas in BGC

Our first stop for our Christmas night is in Ooma!

My lovely girls!

Mango Bene and Tiramisu for dessert in Mary Grace!

And we will not dare to forget coffee and spicy chocolate!

Weekend in BGC

Weekend in BGC can be full of activities rather than just staying in your place.

Looking out the window, we noticed that sports and luxury cars just keep on coming and coming!

That we decided to go down but had to stopped cause there are a bunch of dogs in the circle!

After an hour or two of watching and petting dogs, we decided to check the cars.

Girl Travel and Fiance Luxury and Sports Cars

It seems that there is a car show here every weekend!

The Mind Museum Date

You might think educational is not romantic.. But that is my choice of date!

Aside from the cool things we can see together, we also have lots f interaction like playing, talking and other activities.

And it is just around the corner of Bonifacio Global City.

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