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A Lab Story: ABS CBN Digital Trade Event

My first trade event with IPG MediaBrands, my Team Leader made sure I would be going!

Reprise Team attending A Lab Story, ABS CBN Digital Trade Event held in Makati Diamond Residences.

I'm enjoying this event too much and my team mates were working! 

Got a chance to win a voucher by searching thru their website.

And a perfume by just answering some questions!

The rest of my team chilling while waiting for our foods.

Digital Trade Event also kept us entertained with singers and celebrities.

And QandA from Lloyd Cadena and The Sochal Network.

Growing Grapes Farm in the Philippines

Girl Travel in  Grapes Farm, La Union

Growing Grapes Farm in the Philippines

We visited the Grapes Capital of the Philippines that is located in La Union. There are many varieties that we can grow here. Grapes like loose, deep soil with a ph lower than 5, so the application of lime helps. It is also good to put decomposed leaves around the plant to conserve the soil moisture. Grapes like terrain that is somewhat sloping so as not to lodge water and hurt the roots.

Grapes need plenty of sunshine and good circulation of air to avoid the onset of disease. Within 10 to 12 months after planting, grapes are ready for harvest. Harvest is done three times a year, September, December, and Summer. In the first year, a hectare of land planted to grapes can yield about 1,700 kilos per tree. In the third and fourth years 10,000 kilos per tree can be harvested. Grape is most productive from its third to eighth year.

Weekend Travel in San Juan

If I am not at home, I am in La Union!

And what is the best thing to do in La Union - San Juan!

Just an hour or two, you can spend your whole day in the beach. And thanks to my relative, its pretty much free for me!

Filipina Travel at Ipil Beach

Ipil Beach is the small seashore beside Seven Commando Island. It is one of the least known beach here in El Nido..

But we were surprise cause it has sands as fine as creamer! And its true!

It is also one of the relaxing beach we went in this trip.

Aside from swimming and chilling, you can play volleyball in here.

With those fine sands on your feet!

And we were a bit hesitant to say good bye to this place.. 

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Growing Grapes Farm in the Philippines

Growing Grapes Farm in the Philippines We visited the Grapes Capital of the Philippines that is located in La Union...