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The Garden of Morning Calm

The Garden of Morning Calm was named after an old nickname for Korea – The Land of Morning Calm.

This is Korea's favorite arboretum.

Millennium Juniper tree at the center of the garden is estimated around 1,000 years old.

Millenium Juniper chinese tree symbolizes the Garden of Morning Calm.

The Garden of Morning Calm is also known as a filming location for the popular korean drama of Park Bogum and Kim Yoojung called “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds“.

Located at Gapyeong, this place is especially beautiful during the summer when it is lush and green.

It is the oldest private garden in Korea and is composed of around 20 gardens.

Held at the Garden of Morning Calm, the Lighting Festival is the biggest festival of lights in Korea.

The Garden of Morning Calm was thought of by Professor Han Sang-Kyung, whilst he was serving as an exchange professor in the USA.

Myeongdong Feels

Myeongdong Feels

We are staying in one of the busiest place in Korea, Myeongdong. Aside from being center of the city, this is a haven for shoppers with lots of food cart to eat from.

Myeongdong is one of the busiest places in Seoul and is premier shopping destinations.

One of the food that can be bought in Myeongdong, fried rice cake.

Etude House in Myeong-dong district.

Every Korean cosmetic brand has a branch in Myeong-dong, it is home to roughly a thousand cosmetic shops and hundreds of skin care stores with several large cosmetic shops.

This is also the place where I got lost but instead to panic, I was amazed looking around the shops and food carts. I eventually found my friends on the other side of Myeong-dong.

Girl Travel in South Korea

Girl Travel in Korea

Arriving on impressive Incheon International Airport from Manila, the weather is cool but sunny. 

After getting my luggage, went directly to buy a sim card and bus ticket booth to start my travel land. Since I am alone and fairly new to Korea, I opted to travel by bus instead of Arex or subway.

I bought myself a 6015 ticket worth 14,000 won to Myeongdong, Seoul where my friends are waiting for me.

Even without sleep for two straight days, I would not miss looking around in my bus ride of South Korea's view.

Few of the things I noticed are: there is no traffic! Yes, this is heaven for us Pinoy, no heavy traffic.

Next is, lots of space. Roads and parking space are wide. Nature, they love nature. People having picnic along the river and trees everywhere.

Oh, I am almost at my bus stop! Will be posting more Korea travel!

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