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Girl Travel at Bowling Sportsfest

This year, there won't be different games to be compete, no color coding, no cheerleading competition, its bowling game! 

Held at Mall of Asia, me and my friend were very early. But it let me get in touch with my friends. Friends from Operation, Accounting, Building Administration and of course, Information Technology Department started to flock in.

As the game was about to start and me making sure I talked to my favorite people, that includes you Joyce, Baby Jane, Pipoy and of course Boss Randy, I started taking pictures. It was fun watching them playing and avoiding their balls going on the gutter! And me starting to get frustrated in having the best configuration of my camera but I think I got a decent shot.

As the game coming to its end, the second batch of players started to come in. I saw more familiar faces Boand started to be excited again! I absolutely miss Jessica, Reyna, Madel and Rosel.

I'll see you soon again..

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