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Project Malasakit

Kara David's Project Malasakit. My cousin Jay and I decided to donate something in this foundation knowing it will be of great help. So we met with Ms Cheene and Ms Trisha then had the repacking in Cainta. We also met Ms Kara who is nice and lovely. The repacking, even tedious work became light, all thanks to the stories of Ms Kara. Never expected her to be so jolly, she is talkative as expected.

Project Malasakit: Schedule of Repacking of Donations for the Mangyans of Mindoro
Date: July 22
Location: Cainta
Beneficiaries: 90 Mangyan Families 80 Mangyan School Children

For donations, you can leave it at the GMA Message Center. The Project Malasakit Team can also arrange a meet up or pick up. Please email us at,, or contact us at 09214766966 for Cheenee or at 09274662876 for Trisha.

We need all donations before July 22. We will be giving school school supplies like notebooks, pencil, crayons, school bags, slippers for the Mangyan school children. Rice, old clothes, noodles, soap and shampoo  for the Mangyan families

Thank you very much!

Project Malasakit Coordinators
Cheenee Flor Rola

Trisha Anais Estocapio

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