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Haunted Diplomat Hotel

One of the venue of my first official prenuptial photoshoot is at the Diplomat Hotel. So what's with this hotel?  Well my cousins, also the photoshoot team, said that this hotel is haunted. Located in the top of Dominican Hill and overlooking the Baguio City, this building is used to be a seminary where a lot of priest died. Then it was converted to hotel but stopped operating when the owner died.

When we arrived at this place, we were impressed by the facade. It has this old look and grand design. Then when we went inside, it's not creepy as it looks. In fact there was a restoration team doing the wall and flooring. We were fortunate enough to be allowed to go upper floors, I got good PA on my team lol, then we took as much pictures as we could. 

It did not disappoint us doing the prenuptial pictorial in Diplomat Hotel plus I got my first visit on a haunted place..

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