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Myeongdong Feels

Myeongdong Feels

We are staying in one of the busiest place in Korea, Myeongdong. Aside from being center of the city, this is a haven for shoppers with lots of food cart to eat from.

Myeongdong is one of the busiest places in Seoul and is premier shopping destinations.

One of the food that can be bought in Myeongdong, fried rice cake.

Etude House in Myeong-dong district.

Every Korean cosmetic brand has a branch in Myeong-dong, it is home to roughly a thousand cosmetic shops and hundreds of skin care stores with several large cosmetic shops.

This is also the place where I got lost but instead to panic, I was amazed looking around the shops and food carts. I eventually found my friends on the other side of Myeong-dong.

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