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Girl Travel in South Korea

Girl Travel in Korea

Arriving on impressive Incheon International Airport from Manila, the weather is cool but sunny. 

After getting my luggage, went directly to buy a sim card and bus ticket booth to start my travel land. Since I am alone and fairly new to Korea, I opted to travel by bus instead of Arex or subway.

I bought myself a 6015 ticket worth 14,000 won to Myeongdong, Seoul where my friends are waiting for me.

Even without sleep for two straight days, I would not miss looking around in my bus ride of South Korea's view.

Few of the things I noticed are: there is no traffic! Yes, this is heaven for us Pinoy, no heavy traffic.

Next is, lots of space. Roads and parking space are wide. Nature, they love nature. People having picnic along the river and trees everywhere.

Oh, I am almost at my bus stop! Will be posting more Korea travel!

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